Perhaps in my busy schedule I had become oblivious to the persistent messages attached to food, health and fitness advertising. Or maybe I had simply learned to ignore it. But with a little extra time on my hands right now, I have been focusing a lot of energy on healing my relationship with my body. And in doing so, I’ve uncovered something that I’ve always known to be true: our society not only romanticises poor self-image, but profits from it. In the past, I had explained my heightened sensitivity to this issue with my history of low-esteem and disordered eating.Continue reading “FROM FAST-FIX FITNESS TO FLAT-TUMMY TEAS – WHY DO WE ALLOW THE HEALTH & FITNESS INDUSTRY TO PREY ON OUR INSECURITIES?”
    Anyone who’s known me more than approximately three months, will most likely have seen my hair undergo a sudden and drastic change. In December 2017 I walked into my neighbour’s home-based salon and asked her to bleach my long, healthy, previously uncoloured hair. She begged with me not to commit this crime against keratin, but I was adamant. It took over four hours to achieve the bleach blonde I wanted on hair of my thickness and length, and two days later I chopped off more than half of that hard work to a shoulder-length cut. Goodbye long, healthy, previously uncolouredContinue reading “STAYING HOME, GOING CRAZY, AND DYEING MY HAIR BLUE?”
  • Seven Days of Self-Isolation
    DAY 1 Uh Oh. I’ve awoken with a slight temperature and what can only be described as “a new continuous cough”, which (in this day and age) means only one thing. Queue that irritatingly addictive ‘It’s Corona Time’ song… I’ve been got. However, as someone prone to anxiety and hypochondria, it is difficult to discern whether these symptoms are a genuine health concern or severe paranoia. I’m pretty sure it’s all in my head, but to be sure I check the NHS Online Assessment Tool. What sounds like an in depth virtual health assessment is, in reality, a two questionContinue reading “Seven Days of Self-Isolation”
  • Happy International Women’s Day
    In celebration of IWD, I wanted to share one of my favourite things about being a woman. To tell you about my favourite place to hang out with my fellow women, to expose the secrets of one of the greatest cults to exist on Earth, and to answer the question on everyone’s lips: What really happens in the women’s toilets? It’s Friday. You’re out somewhere trendy, probably in Peckham or Hackney, at an event too cool to be listed on Resident Advisor. Over 1.4K people had clicked “interested” on the Facebook event, and at least 10 % of these areContinue reading “Happy International Women’s Day”
  • Veganuary: Tried and Tested
    Two weeks into 2020, I wonder who has stuck to their resolutions. Has January been as dry as everyone anticipated? How many new gym memberships have been left untouched? If anyone decided to try going vegan for January (coined ‘Veganuary’), and has stuck to it, well done! As a vegetarian for four years running, I choose not to commit to the vegan label for a number of reasons. I’m not entirely sure it’s viable with my current lifestyle and I try to avoid fixating on food choices so heavily. More than anything, I just bloody love eggs. Knowing this, IContinue reading “Veganuary: Tried and Tested”
  • A New Year’s Revolution
    It’s that time of year again. “New year, new me” is thrust around with lacklustre and empty promises of revolutionary behavioural changes. It can be hard not to be triggered, with all of the speak of post-Christmas diets and fitness regimes; smokers will quit until the 4th or 5th of January, and a large number of the population will commit the first month to going vegan, giving up ‘junk food’ or abstaining from alcohol, before binging again on the 1st February. As we jump into 2020, and list our resolutions for the coming year, there is a tendency to focusContinue reading “A New Year’s Revolution”
  • All the things I learnt at school
    With special thanks to Edyta Though I can’t say I’ve ever had to apply Pythagoras’ theorem in any day-to-day situation, nor had to relay the various steps in the formation of oxbow lakes, I can say with some level of certainty that I learnt a lot of useful things during my school years. I learnt to read and write, I learnt how to add and subtract, I even learnt how to make bread and butter pudding – part and parcel of going to a traditionalist single sex girls grammar school in Surrey. However, after 18 consecutive years in the educationContinue reading “All the things I learnt at school”
  • Hospitality’s Heroes
    With pay that barely scrapes minimum wage, let alone London living cost, and long, physical shifts at inconvenient hours, it’s a wonder anyone actually chooses to work in hospitality. Though it requires essentially no qualifications, it is not to be confused as an easy job. Upon returning to the UK to begin my gap year, I have also returned to working in hospitality, through which I gained a newfound respect for those that have put up with this for far longer than me. So, to hospitality’s heroes, the backbone of British brunching and boozing, thank you for your unwavering serviceContinue reading “Hospitality’s Heroes”
  • REVIEW: TFL vs Sleeper Buses
    It’s 5 pm. I’m buried several metres underground, beads of sweat rolling down my forehead as I am crushed by millions of other miserable sods. Somewhere nearby, a mother hushes her wailing child, drowning out the tinny overhead announcements. A bearded man whispers sweet nothings into his 5th can of K cider this afternoon. I finish flicking aimlessly through the mottled pages of yesterday’s Evening Standard, just in time for the carriage doors to open and vomit me out into the stuffy tunnel air, into the angry mob of morning commuters navigating the platforms. Ahh, London Underground – how I’veContinue reading “REVIEW: TFL vs Sleeper Buses”
  • Elephant Tourism – a moral dilemma
    There are thought to be fewer than 5000 Asian elephants remaining in Thailand, of which 4000 are held in captivity. This follows a rapid decrease from around 100,000 elephants in the 1900s, largely due to habitat decline and poaching. Elephas maximas is now a protected endangered species, however, until 1989 when the Thai government banned logging in all protected areas, a huge proportion of the population was being used for labour. The ban had the secondary effect of removing many elephants from this line of work, although the consequence of this was a boom in elephant tourism. Many were takenContinue reading “Elephant Tourism – a moral dilemma”
    2 weeks in New Zealand’s South Island, recounted by yours truly Arriving in Christchurch in New Zealand’s South Island, I suddenly became aware of the fact that this was most likely the furthest I would ever be from home – Christchurch being 18,968 km away from London. Yet this was no source of intimidation, in fact I was simply intrigued to discover this landscape that had seemed so unreachable before but had actually taken only 3 hours from Sydney. Driving around New Zealand is, in my opinion, the best option – not only do the roads run through the mostContinue reading “TRAVEL: NEW ZEALAND”
  • An open letter to the modelling industry
    The recent decision by the Kering fashion company (host to some of the industry’s biggest fashion houses) to stop hiring models under the age of 18 made global headlines. It is a step in the right direction in order to minimise the mistreatment of models, and I can definitely see how this will hopefully reduce the excessive sexualisation of young men and women, and potentially prevent young models from being overworked. However, as someone who had a negative involvement in the modelling industry, I simply cannot believe that enough is being done to ensure that models and talent are treatedContinue reading “An open letter to the modelling industry”
  • REVIEW: Lunette Menstrual Cup
    If you are particularly squeamish about periods then I’d suggest this post is not for you. I’d also suggest that you grow up… it is a simple biological fact that once reaching puberty, women menstruate, which is an essential part of the body’s process that allows women to mother children. Much like women all over the world, I am sick and tired of being made to feel embarrassed by my period; I am a woman, and I bleed. Get over it or get off of this blog post – it only gets worse. Anyway, having heard nothing but good reviews,Continue reading “REVIEW: Lunette Menstrual Cup”
  • A gap year begins
    As of 4pm Tuesday, my gap year began, and I am so fucking relieved. Only a fraction of even my closest friends and family know that I am taking a year out from studying a masters in Chemistry, hence I thought it best to write an explanation rather than having to explain it to everyone individually. I am frequently asked why I am studying a degree that I so obviously hate. I chose Chemistry at the age of seventeen because, after ditching the idea of studying dentistry, it was the only one of my three A level subjects that IContinue reading “A gap year begins”
  • Hairy nips and talking about football – how NOT to be attractive
    LINK TO INITIAL ARTICLE: https://www.thesun.co.uk/sun-men/8712668/men-reveal-their-biggest-turn-offs-from-hairy-nipples-and-factory-vaginas-to-crusty-eyelashes-and-girls-who-talk-about-football/ Thankfully for all us women already crippled by insecurities and wondering what more they can do to please potential partners, The Sun wrote an article in which “Men reveal their biggest turn offs from hairy nipples and ‘factory’ vaginas to crusty eyelashes and girls who talk about football.” Imagining someone sitting down at their desk and being paid to write said article makes me wonder why I am at university trying to get a degree so that I can one day hope to have a successful career, when instead I could do a job likeContinue reading “Hairy nips and talking about football – how NOT to be attractive”
  • Going off grid
    Dedicated to my old iPhone 7, may I always remember how much faster you were After just over a week of having no mobile phone, I finally bit the bullet and handed over most of this month’s wage in exchange for a like-new, but not quite new, iPhone 6. Retro. Swallowing my pride as I acknowledged having lost months of travelling photos, notes and all of my contacts because I never got around to backing my phone up, I admitted that it just isn’t possible to survive in 2019 without some kind of device. And here’s why. The moment theContinue reading “Going off grid”
  • Festival Season – Australian edition
    My season of bush doofs kicked off in November, whereupon I volunteered at Subsonic music and arts festival. With the likes of Honey Dijon, Zip and Jayda G descending on Riverwood Downs (just over 3 hours North of Sydney), I couldn’t possibly miss out but my budget held me back, so volunteering seemed like a great way to guarantee a ticket by trading off a couple hours work for a free weekend pass. Wanting to be placed on the set-up shift, I wrote an email describing my self-proclaimed artistic flair and somehow bagged a role helping the arts team. ThisContinue reading “Festival Season – Australian edition”
  • Hello
    Today is the 16th February 2019, my 21st birthday. As of today, I am now able to drink, smoke and enter clubs legally in the U.S; I can also adopt a child. If I returned to the UK – and immediately found myself employed – I would be eligible for the 21 and over National Minimum Wage! Instead, my 21st marks an opportunity to begin this blog, something I have been toying with the idea of for a while now. I offer my apologies in advance, as I cannot pre-empt the exact nature of what this blog may comprise, mainlyContinue reading “Hello”
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