Perhaps in my busy schedule I had become oblivious to the persistent messages attached to food, health and fitness advertising. Or maybe I had simply learned to ignore it. But with a little extra time on my hands right now, I have been focusing a lot of energy on healing my relationship with my body.Continue reading “FROM FAST-FIX FITNESS TO FLAT-TUMMY TEAS – WHY DO WE ALLOW THE HEALTH & FITNESS INDUSTRY TO PREY ON OUR INSECURITIES?”


Anyone who’s known me more than approximately three months, will most likely have seen my hair undergo a sudden and drastic change. In December 2017 I walked into my neighbour’s home-based salon and asked her to bleach my long, healthy, previously uncoloured hair. She begged with me not to commit this crime against keratin, butContinue reading “STAYING HOME, GOING CRAZY, AND DYEING MY HAIR BLUE?”

Seven Days of Self-Isolation

DAY 1 Uh Oh. I’ve awoken with a slight temperature and what can only be described as “a new continuous cough”, which (in this day and age) means only one thing. Queue that irritatingly addictive ‘It’s Corona Time’ song… I’ve been got. However, as someone prone to anxiety and hypochondria, it is difficult to discernContinue reading “Seven Days of Self-Isolation”

Happy International Women’s Day

In celebration of IWD, I wanted to share one of my favourite things about being a woman. To tell you about my favourite place to hang out with my fellow women, to expose the secrets of one of the greatest cults to exist on Earth, and to answer the question on everyone’s lips: What reallyContinue reading “Happy International Women’s Day”

Veganuary: Tried and Tested

Two weeks into 2020, I wonder who has stuck to their resolutions. Has January been as dry as everyone anticipated? How many new gym memberships have been left untouched? If anyone decided to try going vegan for January (coined ‘Veganuary’), and has stuck to it, well done! As a vegetarian for four years running, IContinue reading “Veganuary: Tried and Tested”

All the things I learnt at school

With special thanks to Edyta Though I can’t say I’ve ever had to apply Pythagoras’ theorem in any day-to-day situation, nor had to relay the various steps in the formation of oxbow lakes, I can say with some level of certainty that I learnt a lot of useful things during my school years. I learntContinue reading “All the things I learnt at school”

REVIEW: TFL vs Sleeper Buses

It’s 5 pm. I’m buried several metres underground, beads of sweat rolling down my forehead as I am crushed by millions of other miserable sods. Somewhere nearby, a mother hushes her wailing child, drowning out the tinny overhead announcements. A bearded man whispers sweet nothings into his 5th can of K cider this afternoon. IContinue reading “REVIEW: TFL vs Sleeper Buses”

Elephant Tourism – a moral dilemma

There are thought to be fewer than 5000 Asian elephants remaining in Thailand, of which 4000 are held in captivity. This follows a rapid decrease from around 100,000 elephants in the 1900s, largely due to habitat decline and poaching. Elephas maximas is now a protected endangered species, however, until 1989 when the Thai government bannedContinue reading “Elephant Tourism – a moral dilemma”